Dr. Mohammadreza Farhangi (Cosmetic Dentist, Surgeon and Implantologist) is graduated in Doctorate’s Degree of Dentistry in 2001. The mentioned person has awarded with his dentistry certificate through Rochester University of America in the professional fields of cosmetic dentistry (Laminates, cosmetic Prostheses, Cosmetic Restoration …) in 2006. Further, he has successfully obtained certificate of implant treatments through valid and popular brands such as Bicon (America) and Osteocare (England) in year 2008 and since the same year he became an active member of international congress of implantologists (ICOI) in the field of making implant and cosmetic prostheses in implant. Moreover, Dr. Mohammadreza Farhangi is owner of patent certificate concerning invention of an electronics complicated device in the field of dentistry in year 2005. The policy of working performed via Dr. Farhangi is subjected to providing V.I.P services and dentistry upon the patients based on modern technology and via applying newest and most valid materials of dentistry which are registered under brand in a quiet and enjoyable place while totally observing principles of sterilization and applying determined disposable sets.

V.I.P dentistry services

* If you are afraid of improper dental treatment,

* If you are bored with performing repetitive treatments over a tooth and relapsing the problem thereof,

* If you are looking for V.I.P dental treatments based on modern technology and new dentistry materials,

* If you desire the cosmetic principles to be applied beside dentistry treatments,

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* Substituting lost teeth through the most valid brands of implant via applying 3 methods:

* Single Crown CAD – CAM

* Bridges CAD – CAM

* (Overdenture)

  Cosmetic :

* Restoring teeth which are formed in a bad type, bad color and in an irregular shape via the best systems of Porcelain Laminate.

* Restoring smile design in any kinds of problems such as: Reverse Design of Smile, Gummy Smile or Extreme Distension of Gums while Smiling.

* Bleaching with the best materials via 2 methods of (home & office)

 Restoring :

* Restoring decayed teeth via the most premium composite 3M in posterior and anterior teeth.

* Reconstructing the most corrupted teeth with resin materials as same as the color of existed tooth and fiber posts.

 Root Canal Therapy:

* Performing endodontic therapy via advanced and accurate system, Appex Finder + Reciprocal Endo Rotary with no need of radiography to be done.

* Performing further endodontic therapy via the mentioned system in case if a teeth with an incomplete endo therapy is relapsed.

* Restoring cavities of root and crown of teeth which have hurt during an incomplete endodontic therapy.

 Prosthesis :

* The most premium cosmetic crowns without metal (IPS with the base of Silicate and CAD – CAM with the base of Konia).

* Changing old and inferior metal crowns with cosmetic crowns of CADCAM and IPS.

* Set of denture with the most premium acrylic materials.

* Partial denture with the most premium raw materials.

Cosmetic & Specialized Surgeries :

Alveoloplasty – Pocket Eradication

Bone Grafting – Gingivoplasty

Soft & Hard Tissue Crown Lenghting

Bone Expansion for Implant – Electrosurgery

Gums Treatment :

*Dental scaling via advanced Piezon system and polishing via Airflow system.